Sailing the skies above Queenstown

"Experience a tranquil silence as you fly over Lake Wakatipu"

So, we’re sitting around in Queenstown, the weather is not looking all that crash hot - the summer winds are building and we’re in need of something to give us a 'lift' to finish off the weekend on a high. Only problem is we have left our little flash of inspiration pretty late in the day to try and squeeze in an adventure, well that’s how it appeared, but before we knew it we were sitting in a harness, on the back of a Parasailing boat, about to be hoisted up well above Queenstown.

For some serious adrenalin seekers the thought of going parasailing is a walk in the park, while for others the sheer thought of being suspended 600ft over Queenstown’s Lake Wakatipu is enough to bring on a sweat, because in anyones language 600ft is pretty damn high.

The bottom line is parasailing over Queenstown is an awesome experience with both a mix of thrills coupled with the opportunity to take in some pretty epic vistas of the region. If getting up high doesn’t make you wet your pants, the regular descents that take you only centimetres over the water most certainly will…

Trip Highlights

  • It's a short trip of up to an hour, so great to fit in a busy schedule when you have limited time

  • You get to share the experience if you're not up for flying solo - tandem and triples also available

  • They can operate in nearly any weather!

The Details


Freephone: 0800 225 520 (within NZ)

Location: Queenstown Main Pier

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Emma Fehon


Hi I'm Emma, a 26 year old Australian content creator living in the adventure capital of Queenstown, New Zealand. 


I'm a dreamer, most alive when the opportunity exists to taste a new adventure. Inspired by exploring dramatic landscapes and uncovering unique travel experiences. 


Photography is the glue that pulls it all together and allows me the opportunity to visually share my adventures. I’m always seeking to uniquely capture the moment in a way I hope will inspire others.

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