Tree Camping with Tentsile

"Connected to nature and suspended from earth"

Living in the south island of New Zealand, with such incredible landscapes, we've been waiting for a chance to get out into our own backyard and really search for an opportunity to connect with nature.

There's a real sense of freedom that comes with camping that takes us back to being a kid again and that freedom comes no sweeter than doing it 4ft off the ground, suspended amongst the trees, looking out onto a dramatic New Zealand landscape.

If you can imagine what would happen if you crossed a Treehouse with a tent and a hammock, you'd get a Tentsile "Connect" tree tent, one of the most incredible inventions we've ever seen in the camping world.

Tentsile just nail it with putting together a quality product, not only are all the parts constructed to perfection, but man oh man, the style and finish of the whole package is just top class, all delivered in a fresh looking bright green bag that we couldn't wait to explore.

We were blown away how easy it was to put up our new Tentsile "Connect" tree tent - 3 simple ratchet lines, fastened to the tent and secured around 3 trees, a few cranks on the ratchets, and in minutes we were suspended off the ground in an almost out-of-this-world existence.

Going camping is exciting in itself, but to take the whole experience 4ft off the ground and into more remote terrain you're really able to feel a part of nature, rather than just observe it.

After we had our Tentsile "Connect" up and in place we pulled back the insect mesh roof and doors and literally got goose bumps with what we were experiencing. We were hanging out in the trees around the crystal blue waters edge of Lake Pukaki with a view onto Mount Cook, quite possibly the most incredible view we've ever experienced in New Zealand.

We lay in our hammock portions of the tree tent with the biggest beaming smiles, it was a perfect summers morning after a perfect evening under the stars and we were truly moved by this little adventure into our own backyard.

We cannot speak highly enough of Tentsile as a 'top marks' innovation into the camping category by an organisation that clearly has the utmost integrity behind its foundation.

Not only does a Tentsile tree tent leave nature completely undisturbed, with not even so much as a tentpeg hole in the ground, but these guys plant three trees for each tent they sell, meaning they put back into the environment MORE than they even make use of.

There really is only one thing Emma and I are more excited by than our Tentsile "Connect" tree tent adventure - and that's our next one.


  • The absolute ease of being able to put up our Tentsile "Connect"

  • Being able to truly feel connected to the environment we were hanging out in

  • The novelty and sheer amazement of being suspended off the ground with all the comforts of a tent

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Emma Fehon


Hi I'm Emma, a 26 year old Australian content creator living in the adventure capital of Queenstown, New Zealand. 


I'm a dreamer, most alive when the opportunity exists to taste a new adventure. Inspired by exploring dramatic landscapes and uncovering unique travel experiences. 


Photography is the glue that pulls it all together and allows me the opportunity to visually share my adventures. I’m always seeking to uniquely capture the moment in a way I hope will inspire others.

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