Dart River Funyakking

"A brilliant and unique experience through Paradise, New Zealand"

Ok, so the mere mention of the word 'yak' conjures up thoughts of hard work, doesn't it? Well, this little journey is about to pump nothing but "fun" into the yakking.

After finishing up with an hour of thrilling jet boating, we weren't quite ready to leave the Mt Aspiring region. Climbing into 'funyaks' to continue the second part of our journey seemed like the best way to extend our time in this magical paradise.

An hour or so into the trip, we pulled into our midday lunch spot to do a little exploring on foot, while the guides effortlessly prepared our meal - which turned out to be an incredible gourmet wilderness picnic.

The trip continued with a final stretch of yakking down some pretty cool rapids (nothing overly intimidating) and wrapped up in Paradise, where we deflated the funyaks and took a 4WD bus trip back to Glenorchy - passing by locations used in movies to illustrate Middle Earth.

Trip Highlights

  • Feeling so close to nature and experiencing the true scale of the mountains as they tower over you - such an incredible sight

  • The lunch was quite a spread - filled with rolls, fruit platters, cheese & biscuits and more importantly, dessert.

The Details

Website: www.dartriver.co.nz

Freephone: 0800 327 853 (within NZ)

Telephone: +64 3 442 9992

Location: Glenorchy

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Emma Fehon


Hi I'm Emma, a 26 year old Australian content creator living in the adventure capital of Queenstown, New Zealand. 


I'm a dreamer, most alive when the opportunity exists to taste a new adventure. Inspired by exploring dramatic landscapes and uncovering unique travel experiences. 


Photography is the glue that pulls it all together and allows me the opportunity to visually share my adventures. I’m always seeking to uniquely capture the moment in a way I hope will inspire others.

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