Dog Sledding through the Cardrona Valley

"Feel the freedom of flying across the snow leading your own team of Huskies"

Although this was our first experience of leading a team of sled dogs, there was never a question of riding in the basket as a passenger versus leading our own team - we were after the real deal, we wanted to feel the energy and wanted to be in control of sixteen legs of sheer husky power.

(Captured on GoPro)

Arriving at Snow Farm, Cardrona, and meeting Curt, the owner of UnderDogNZ, we soon discovered the world of Dog Sledding was not only a very technical one, but a world that also had it's own lingo.

We were about to become real life 'Mushers', with a team of huskies just loaded and ready to explode into motion.

Our introduction to the dogs kicked off with a far more relaxing start than we would soon come discover. They lay chilled out in the snow while tied up to the fence resting and it was hard to believe they'd be in any position to pull us along a series of mountain paths scattered along Snow Farms series of trails.

(Captured on GoPro) While the dogs lay resting, the owner, Curt, gave our group of about 3-4 teams a really informative briefing on what to expect, how the sleds worked and what the appropriate commands were to give to the dogs.

From there we were allocated our four huskies per team and watched them getting hooked up to the sleds.

From that moment onward the dogs were busting to get going and there was no worry they weren't up for the task ahead.

(Captured on GoPro)

I could swear the huskies barely waited for the "O" in "Ok, Go" to leave our lips before leaping into action.

(Captured on GoPro)

That being the first leg of our trip, it was clear the team of dogs were sizing us up as much as we were working them out.

It was a real battle of wills, finding the right balance between showing them who's at the head of the pack but also being sensitive enough to take weight off the sled as the incline legs of the trip demanded more of them.

(Captured on GoPro)

After finding a rhythm that worked and getting the balance right with the dogs, it was an incredible feeling being part of a team, working in synch with each other in complete cooperation - seeking the same goal.

(Captured on GoPro)

After developing confidence with the huskies the greatest reward comes together when you hit some of the final straight legs and you let the dogs open up and fly across the snow at exhilarating speed.

By the time we returned to the base we really felt a great connection to our team of dogs and helped unclip them with quite a bit of reluctance as we realised what an incredible bond we had developed.

(Captured on GoPro)


  • The ability to lead your own team of huskies as a real life 'Musher'

  • The chance to fly across the snow at high speed powered only by dogs

  • The bond you build with your team of Huskies, if you're a dog lover this will seriously be an unforgettable experience

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Website: Location: Snow Farm, Cardrona

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