Who says you can’t hit a ski-field in summer?

"Mountain Carting - Cardrona's newest summer adventure"

The Cardrona Alpine Resort is a great playground over winter, with a higher altitude it is blessed with fantastic snowfall and views. Although you’d naturally imagine this landscape to be blanketed in snow, it transforms into the perfect place to get out and play over the summer months too!

Whatever your game, there's a heap of summer action on offer from hiking, all different levels of mountain biking, a range of night adventures and the newest buzz to hit the slopes - Mountain Carting.

We gave mountain carting a blast as it just looks so damn cool – 2 hours on the mountain turned out to be the perfect amount of time to enjoy the tracks and still have time to get up to a few other things throughout the day.

On arrival we got sized up with a cart specific to our height (none of that stretching down to reach a footrest) and had the chance to get familiar with the carts on some mild terrain.

We picked it up quickly and before we knew it, we were taking in the magic views of the Cardrona Valley from the chairlift, heading up to the top of the trails.

Hitting our first run of the morning, we eased into things by heading down the Green (Easy) trail, just as you do when you're learning to ski, but on 3 wheels even the Greens allow you to crank up quite a speed and pull off a few skids around the corners.

After one Green run to get acquainted with how it all works we were blasting down the Blue (Advanced) trail and really getting the hang of carting at high speed. The Blue trail was much steeper and had more turns – our favourite of the two!

Bring your own GoPro to get some shots of your experience - some of the helmets are setup to with mounts which is great. We filmed the ride facing both front and back, giving different perspectives of the adventure. You’re also able to get some neat shots from the chairlift as you ride directly over the tracks.

The season runs until April 3rd, so if you don’t make it this summer, be sure to keep it on your list for the 2016/17 season. It’s getting better – there are plans to extend the course, increasing length and number of trails – which we’re really looking forward to checking out.

Mountain Carting is an absolute blast and a great way to enjoy the Cardrona ski-field in summer.

The Details

Location: Cardrona, New Zealand (Between Queenstown and Wanaka)

Company: Cardrona Alpine Resort

Website: www.cardrona.com

Phone: 0800 440 800

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