Luxury helicopter flight over Auckland

Auckland is well known as The City of Sails boasting one of the highest levels of boat ownership in the world - and for good reason too - the city’s harbour and surrounding islands make for an incredibly scenic coastal experience.

It is one thing discovering the harbour from sea level, although taking in its magnificent sights in the window seat of a helicopter goes above and beyond all expectations we had ever had.

We joined up with the team at Inflite Charters for a scenic flight like no other. Just a short walk from our hotel, this is the only downtown heli-port in Auckland. From the moment we arrived at the base in Mechanics Bay, we spotted the fleet of machines lined up ready to take guests out for the day. Inflite Charters have a fleet of AS355 Squirrels, R44 and Bell 427 helicopters – known for their superior passenger comfort and roomy club seating.

We spent a few moments watching the luxury black and silver helicopters start up and take off, which definitely added to the anticipation of our own flight.

After checking out the impressive fleet, we headed inside to prepare for our flight. It was here we met the crew and our pilot Aaron. He took us out to have a look at the R44 helicopter we would be flying in and gave us a run down on the sights we should expect to see on our trip.

As soon as we took to the skies, it was truly incredible to discover just how blue the water was beneath us, something you just don't experience from the ground. The flight was incredibly smooth and as we tracked north along the harbour, the city landmarks came into view. Of course the SkyTower was the most noticeable, standing tall in the heart of Auckland.

We also flew directly above the Auckland Harbour Bridge and over Eden Park Stadium – home of the All Blacks.

(Captured on GoPro)

Inflite Charters offer a range of flights in and around Auckland. Another trip covers the nearby beaches, idyllic islands and dormant volcanoes in the Hauraki Gulf. The heli weaved around the skies surrounding numerous islands including Motuihe, Browns and Rangitoto.

(Captured on GoPro)

There was a bit of cloud cover on our flight which made for some amazing patterns in the ocean below, while the sun lit up the green hues of the grass and trees on the islands.

Flying over Rangitoto Island allowed us to see how it is known for its perfect symmetry, appearing the same from whatever angle you look at it. Another unique feature of the island is that it’s a dormant volcano and we were able to fly directly above, looking deep into its crater.

Toward the return leg of our flight we were lucky enough to see naval ships sitting in the dry dock at the base in Devonport.

(Captured on GoPro)

(Captured on GoPro)

With the smoothest of landings we returned to Mechanics Bay with smiles emblazoned on our faces.

Neither of us had ever flown over a city before so it was a truly unforgettable experience to discover Auckland from above!


  • The surprise of how beautifully blue the water was around the islands – a feature you can only discover from above

  • Flying beside the key landmarks of Auckland City – the SkyTower and Harbour Bridge

  • The incredible viewing from the bubble canopy of the smooth-flying R44

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Company: Inflite Experiences


Phone: 0800 835 083

Location: 1 Solent Street, Mechanics Bay, Auckland CBD

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