Electric Trail Bikes at Walter Peak Farm

It's quiet, it's fast and it's a whole lot of fun!

With a myriad of adventures awaiting visitors at Real Journeys' Walter Peak Farm, we spent an afternoon checking out the latest innovation to hit the adventure tourism scene in New Zealand.

Starting with a short trip across Lake Wakatipu on the well-known TSS Earnslaw, we made our way to Walter Peak Farm to try out the new Electric Trail Bike experience recently introduced to the menu of activities on offer at Walter Peak.

As soon as we arrived at Walter Peak it was clear where we were aiming our sights - just a few yards after getting on to the shore we saw our guide Peter standing beside a brand spanking new UBCO Electric Trail Bike and was eagerly joined by his sidekick 'Skye', a working sheepdog.

We made our way up toward the container where the bikes were based, to gear up and receive a safety briefing prior to our ride.

To familiarise ourselves with the bikes and reassure Peter we were up for the job, we took them for a short spin around the paddock surrounding the base.

The biggest surprise was how quiet the bikes were when they pulled off - unlike the many scooters we've ridden, the electric bikes pull off in total silence despite having a fair bit of juice.

Luckily we both passed the test and we set off for our morning on the farm.

We started our journey entering a long grassy paddock that doubled as the local airstrip.

Weaving through the long grass was a total blast and a great opportunity to see the bikes travelling at higher speed - something we were eagerly anticipating.

After stopping at numerous viewpoints that are perfectly located along the trail and a great little challenge of navigating up some steep dirt hills we moved toward the final leg of the tour.

(Captured on GoPro)

With a short downhill and a few weaving turns around the lower sections of the track we stopped at a sheltered part of the track at Beach Point reserve with an epic view of Lake Wakatipu and Queenstown. There were some cleverly placed tree-stumps to sit and enjoy an afternoon cup of tea and scones.

Our guide Peter knew all the history of Walter Peak, Lake Wakatipu and surrounding areas - and at each view point knowledgeably pointed out key locations to look out for as well as playing cameraman to take shots when we needed.

His dog ‘Skye’ ran along beside us for most of the trip which was such a unique kiwi addition! When she got tired, she would jump up on the back of Peter’s bike for a free ride.

After a perfect amount of time on the bikes we headed into our final few kilometres back toward the base and reluctantly handed back the bikes.

The Electric Trail Bike tour with Real Journeys was a total blast and something we'd expect to see heaps of couples, families and adventure seekers alike all enjoying.

The Details

Trips: 10am/12pm/2pm (Nov-Apr)

Duration: 3hrs 30mins

Inclusions: Return cruise aboard the vintage steamship TSS Earnslaw & Refreshments

Website: www.realjourneys.co.nz

Telephone: +64 3 249 6000

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

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